ICHR Working Group Proposal Template
Please complete this form if you wish to propose a working group for the International Consortium of Hallucination Research (ICHR). Text boxes should expand as you add text into them, though you may wish to write and edit your answers in Word and then copy/paste them onto this form.

Here is some practical information:  

Please complete the form by 20th ​May 2022. You will be notified by the end of June if your WG proposal is accepted. New WG should include members from different career stages, i.e. early career researchers to full/associate Professors. Inclusion of experts by experience is also encouraged, where applicable. New data driven or data sharing initiatives are particularly encouraged.

Please email any queries to hallucinationconsortium@gmail.com.
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Title of working group *
Members (inc. email addresses) *
Please indicate who will lead the working group (which can be more than one person). Please list members’ career stage – it is recommended that working groups comprise of members across career stages and should include at least one ECR.
Background and Relevance *
Up to 500 words
Methods *
(should include details of any empirical work or data sharing to be conducted and/or methods for systematic reviews/meta-analyses. Up to 350 words. If data sharing agreements are needed please elaborate on this process here)
Proposed outputs *
(i.e. review/meta-analysis paper, original contributions, meeting presentations, datasets etc.)
Proposed Working Group Timeline and Duration *
(i.e. 2 years or less, greater than 2 years. When/at what meetings does the working group propose to present, i.e. 2023, 2025)
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