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Thank you for taking this survey. If you don't do DevOps in your organization, then you've come to the right place. If you do, please take this survey instead: https://goo.gl/forms/Pbhri0zGcFAEzbEt2
1.) Are you aware of what changes will happen in testing with a move to Continuous Delivery/Continuous Testing/DevOps?
2.) Are your Agile/Scrum practices in good shape, with little technical debt, and a well-understood, agreed-upon Definition of Done?
3.) What tools are you using regularly as part of your software development process?
4.) Getting projects completed and delivered to customers/users (once coding begins) is:
5.) Do you have test environment and test data problems?
6.) When there is a support issue/bug in production/system outage, what level of effort does it take to get production system fixes deployed or services restored?
7.) How would you rate your level of awareness, collaboration, and information on other testing activities? For example, how much visibility do you have into: levels of testing done by other people (unit testing, performance testing, security, failover/DR, capacity, scalability, testing and monitoring in production)? You have information on:
8.) Do you feel that there is more pressure to automate recently?
9.) Choose from below the closest description of your automated regression suite.
10.) Your Ops/IT team:
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