Austin PCM Volunteer Position Sign-Up
Hello, wonderful person!

If you are reading this form, it is because you have expressed interest in volunteering your time to help organize the Austin People's Climate March on April 29th. We are so glad you want to be part of our team! Events, marches, and movements rely on caring, engaged people such as you.

This form is to sign up for specific volunteer positions. There are many jobs and tasks that we need help with, both leading up to and on the day of the march. Getting interested people into specific actionable roles is a critical step to making the march a success.

As you go through the form, please mark your availability and volunteer position preferences. We need multiple people in almost every position. Don't be afraid to choose your favorite or to mark down multiple roles. That said, we may move people around if some jobs are really popular and some jobs are not getting covered.

One note on a specific job: Trash/Recycling Collector! We are marching for preserving the climate, and we want to practice what we preach by making this a zero-waste, no littering event. Our Trash/Recycling Collectors will be integral to making sure we stick to that goal. If you are interested in this position PLEASE sign up for it!

If you have any question, please leave them in the "Other Comments/Questions/Concerns" box at the bottom as well, or you can email us at

Thank you so much for your engagement, flexibility, and enthusiasm!
Olivia Ott, (volunteer) Volunteer Coordinator

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Are you available on Monday Nights (6:30-9) for weeks leading up to the march?
Are you available from 12pm to 4pm on Sat, April 29th? (day of the march)
Pre-March Planning Positions
If you're available, please come out and help us plan this event!
Day-Of Positions
Please sign up for three of the following. It is likely that you will be assigned to multiple jobs (ex. being Set-Up Crew and Clean-Up Crew), if you have the capacity. Additionally, all of our day of volunteers will be trained as Marshalls, but if you would like to be a Marshall as your main job, please note that. With the exception of Time Keeper, we need multiple people in each position, so you will probably be assigned to the job you request. That said, if one position seems to be very popular, we will move people to other jobs they have requested. If you have a favorite choice, please make note of it in the "Other Comments/Questions/Conerns?" box at the bottom of this form. Also, if you would prefer to only be assigned to one job, make note of that as well. Thanks so much for helping us with this event!
Do you have a tablet you could bring to gather march attendees' contact info on?
Other comments/questions/concerns?
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