Terms and conditions for volunteers at Padakshep
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I am not affiliated to any political organization. *
I cannot have any affiliation with any political party while working for Padakshep.
I do not subscribe to any religious extremism. *
I won't follow any religious extremism while working for Padakshep.
I was never convicted of an offense involving deception or dishonesty. *
I did not commit any crime related to dishonesty or deception.
I was never involved with tax fraud. *
I did not falsify any financial data.
I will at all times seek to ensure the charity’s funds, and charity tax reliefs received by this organization, are used only for charitable purposes. *
I will try my best to ensure Padakshep income and expenses are well accounted for.
I will notify Padakshep before I take time off from Padakshep work or if I am going to be unavailable for my job at Padakshep. *
Failure to notify Padakshep about your unavailability affects not just Padakshep but also the students who are supported by Padakshep. To report your unavailability please email at office@padakshep.org.
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Padakshep welcomes ideas and if it is your idea, you will also get to lead us. However, you need to be able to convince that you idea is worth.
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