Gaelcon 2020 RPG submission
Welcome! To the world of tomorrow! It's Gaelcon 2020! If you would like to thrill our attendees with an amazing game, please submit it here. If you have any questions, please email us at
So please let us know about your awesome game sooner, rather than later!
Gaelcon this year is all about the world of tomorrow, today!! So if you've got a game you want to run at our virtual con about retro-futurism or anything else for that matter please let us know! If you'd like to submit a LARP please email due to the nature of the convention this year.

~ We may use your preferred name in the promotion of your game at the con. Please add in the comments section at the bottom if you don't want us to do this or and social media handles you specifically wish us to tag when we do so~
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What's your preferred name? *
We can't call everyone "Hey, you!"
What's your game called? *
A short (200 Word Max) Blurb *
What system does your game use? *
What genre is your game? Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror, Comedic? Maybe a mix of a few? *
How many players is your game for? *
If this is your first time running online it might be better to run a smaller table than you normally would at the convention, say 4 instead of 6
Game Rating, Who Can Play it *
Does you game have special requirements? A particular set of digital assets, a moderate sized screen for the players to see you and maps on?
We can't promise to provide you with absolutely everything and anything, but if there's something you need for the game, we'll do our level best to try and make it happen.
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