Club Creole Membership 2022-2023
Welcome to Club Creole at UF 🐊🇭🇹

We are very excited to meet you! With a year full of activities and events, we would love to first get to know you. Please make sure that you complete this application with accurate information. Thank you and we look forward to you joining the Haitian Gator family!

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If you're from Haiti, what department in Haiti is your family from? If you aren't from Haiti or represent more than one culture, please share it in the "Other" section. *
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If you would like to, please add any other interests in the space provided.
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With Club Creole, we understand and welcome the diversity of our members and want to ensure that we provide each member with a memorable and useful experience. With that being said, if there is anything that you'd like from Club Creole, feel free to share it in the space provided. If you aren't sure at the moment, please type N/A.
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