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Is it only a feast at your home when someone is having a birthday or when we go to the new year or a wedding reception? Organize a party for fun, celebration or for a funny reason. Checkout Golden Venues to find out a perfect party organizer that suits your budget along with DIY party management tips and ideas!
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Tips to organize a perfect birthday party
Your son or daughter is almost his birthday, time to organize the children's party ! For the brave mommies, the annual children's party is a real feast, but the slightly less brave mommies give a sigh of relief when the afternoon is unscathed, tears and the necessary quarrels behind us. Whether you belong to the category of brave-moms or something-less-brave-moms, organizing the children's party is a challenge every year. And since Tadaaz is an expert in the field of Happy Moments , we like to give some tips for organizing the best children's party!
Birthday Party Places
Who may all come?
The little chief has been talking about the big day for weeks (or months ...) and has a whole list of friends and girlfriends who "really have to come to my party ...". Of course you choose together with the birthday who is invited, but make sure that the group is not too big. Because the more children, the busier. Choose for kids that your child plays with more often and that you know that really fun to play with each other. No boss above boss, because the birthday must be the star of the day , of course.

Handy tip : only invite children who are sitting together in the classroom. Neefjes, nieces and the girl next door or little boy can always come and eat a pastry together with mommy on another day.
Invitation children's party
So, the first knot is cut and the mini guest list is made. Time to find a nice invitation for the children's party . At Tadaaz you will find the nicest invitations that you can even provide with a picture of the birthday. Nice to do together with the birthday boy right? Make the design together in the online editor, place the order and you will receive your package in a flash. So, you can tick off a nice invitation on your to-do list!
Kids Birthday Party Venues
What do we do?
The key question! You obviously want all children to have fun. So you can opt for the safe road and go for an indoor playground or take over the success formula of another party. But you can also do something completely different, something that has not yet happened.

But whether it is a princess party or fancy dress at home, a craft afternoon on location or the nature playground, the most important thing is that it suits your child and his or her age. Moreover, you also have to look at the budget, do not forget that children are more satisfied than you think.
What are we eating?
The favorite dish of the year of course! Except if this is chili-con-carne, because that does not lust the rest ... With fries, pancakes, hot dogs or pizza you're usually fine. Do you want to unpack with a birthday cake? Then go for a nice theme cake or let the children decorate cakes themselves.

Styling tip : Go for an extra fun party table and decorate it with table decorations such as placemats that can also be used as a coloring page. Success guaranteed!
And then the big moment has arrived, the farewell! Everyone goes home after a whole afternoon of fun and entertainment. That includes a fitting farewell present . We have also thought of the nicest thank you for every children's party at Tadaaz ! Discover candy bags, boxes or paper bags in combination with nice stickers for a great whole. Can you not find what you're looking for at the party thanks? Be sure to check out the communion favors category for an even broader offer.
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