Let's Encrypt Rate Limit Adjustment Request Form
Depending on the availability of our team, we look at form responses daily and move the adjustments to production once weekly. We will do our best to consider your application in a timely manner but we cannot guarantee acceptance or any form of response. If your application is accepted and your rate limit is adjusted we will send you an email. We reserve the right to reject applications at our discretion, and we are not able to offer the ability to inquire about your application at this time.
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Rate Limit Adjustment Request
We recommend adjusting by ACME Account ID if possible. You'll need to request all of your certificates through a single ACME account but the advantage is that the limit adjustment applies to all domains.

You can also adjust by domain, but you may only request an adjustment for up to three domains. Subsequent requests for more per-domain adjustments are not likely to be granted. This is why we recommend adjusting by account ID - then the adjustment applies to all domains used by your account.

You MUST specify an account ID or up to three domains or your request will be discarded.
If you would like an adjustment by account ID, please specify your account ID here:
If you would like an adjustment by domain(s), please specify the domains here:
Have you requested an adjustment for this domain or ACME account ID before?
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