Yeti Gaming FFG Events Staff Application
Thank you everyone for your interest in the Fantasy Flight Games Championship Events, hosted by Yeti Gaming!

We are currently looking for the following events:
Fort Worth, TX: KeyForge Vault Tour, X-Wing System Open and Legend of the Five Rings Kotei.
Adepticon in Schaumburg, IL: KeyForge Vault Tour, X-Wing System Open and Legend of the Five Rings Kotei.
Alameda CA: KeyForge Vault Tour, X-Wing System Open and Legend of the Five Rings Kotei.

As additional events are announced, this form updated to include new event locations, Vault Warrior events, Origins Game Fair and Gen Con.
If you wish to volunteer for those events, please update your responses to this form. Updates will be posed on our website and Facebook page.

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis and responded to within 4 business days.

Full Time Volunteers
We will be offering the following compensation package:

-$10.00 per hour or State minimum wage (whichever is greater) for hours worked.
-Your choice of a $50 travel/hotel allowance per full day worked OR hotel space in the Yeti Gaming Block.
-Food allowance
-Prize Wall Æmber/Koku/Points to use at the end of the weekend (these must be used onsite at the event, do not accumulate or be used with other Æmber in your Master Vault).
-Convention Badge at convention events.

Volunteers are asked to make their own travel arrangements.

Leads will be provided travel reimbursement for events as well. If travel assistance is required, please state so in the "Anything else you would like us to know" section.

Thank you again for your interest, dedication and support to Yeti Gaming Events and all Fantasy Flight Games Championships.

Vince and Denise Krekeler
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