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Audition Request for 'Please Open Your Mouth' by Joanna Garner
Café Nordo is casting for this summer’s Pressure Cooker production of 'Please Open Your Mouth' by Joanna Garner, directed by Norah Elges.

'Please Open Your Mouth' is an immersive, participatory theatrical experience of food and sex. Audience members gain entrance to a secret culinary orgy where a charismatic host, brooding chef and a cadre of returning supper club members lead the guests through a series of wildly unexpected dinner courses. The host and chef are celebrating their anniversary, and as they surprise each other and the guests, secrets are revealed and the night becomes dangerously messy.

We are casting for a diverse ensemble of performers who are comfortable with and excited by devised work, audience interaction, and improv. Must also be game for intimacy with other performers, audience members, and a variety of foods.

Rehearsals: May 20-June 30, 2017 (primarily evenings & weekends)
Tech: July 1-5, 2017
Performances: July 6-10, 2017

This is a paid opportunity.

Our performance space is 21+ only. Are you 21+?
Which day(s) are you able to audition?
Do you play any sort of instrument?
Do you consider yourself a singer?
This is a food experience. Are you allergic/unable to eat any of the following?
This is a play about our relationship with food and the guides, host, and chef will be serving the guests food. How comfortable are you serving food?
I can carry a plate
I can serve with my eyes closed
This is an interactive show. The guides, host, and chef will be, depending on their level of comfort, touching guests/be touched by guests in a provocative way. How comfortable are you with people touching you/being touched?
I don't like to be touched
Extremely comfortable
The guides, host, and chef, while scripted, will develop their characters collaboratively with Joanna & Norah throughout the rehearsal process. During the performances, there will be near constant interaction with the audience- our guests/new members at our invented club. How much experience have you had with improv/audience interaction?
I took a class once
It's my preferred method of storytelling
Rehearsals will start at the end of May and will be primarily evenings (after 5:30pm) and weekends. Please detail your standing conflicts/any days between May 20-July 10 that you are unavailable.
Tech will be July 1-July 4 and may require some daytime availability. Are you committed to being in town and making yourself available? (with advance notice to exact hours)
Questions for the creators at this time?
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