Catholic Scripture Public School Registration 2019
This form will register your child for Catholic Scripture for 2019. Thank you for your generosity and support.
As a Catholic Parish Community, St Michael's Parish Meadowbank has the pleasure and honour of teaching your child Catholic Scripture at the State Schools during 2019.
If we are able to help you in any way, or if you would like to discuss our teachings or curriculum, you are more than welcome to meet the Catechist at the School after the weekly class. You are also welcome to send a note with your child and the teacher will contact you. The Parish and the Catechists are also able to assist with coordinating sacraments for your children (baptism, reconciliation, holy communion and confirmation.)

To register your child for 2019, please complete this form.
To help defray the cost of materials, we ask for a contribution of $5 per child. Please transfer $5 to Account Name: St Michaels Meadowbank, BSB: 062 784 and Account # 04292000, and put reference CCD [Last Name of Student, Initial of First Name] (Eg. CCD Smith, J) or contribute online via our online portal.

If you would prefer to contribute in a non-digital way, please place $5 in an envelope and have it returned to the school addressed to Catholic Scripture Teacher. Please put the name and details of your child in the envelope also.

Thank you and May God Bless you and your family in every way during 2019.

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Any person of faith or child with parents of faith is welcome to be baptised at any age and at any time, with arrangement with the Parish Office. Baptisms normally occur on Sundays during Mass and a small preparation program occurs for those of primary school age. First Reconciliation normally occurs when children are in Yr 2/Yr 3 (Term 4), First Holy Communion in Yr 3/Yr 4 (Term 2) and Confirmation in Yr 6/Yr 7 (Term 3). Enrolment for each of these sacraments occurs through the Parish in the Term prior to the Sacrament. Details are available through the Parish Office.
Method of Contribution *
To help defray the cost of materials, we ask for a contribution of $5 per child per year towards Catholic Scripture. This can be processed via a variety of methods
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