WHO Official COVID App - Volunteers
Please volunteer on this page if you're able to contribute to the World Health Organization official app for COVID. Our apologies as we have been overwhelmed with volunteer support and it will take time to effectively onboard people. Sign up here and will try to reach out to people as we are able. Please understand that our first priority is developing the WHO App and making sure it works properly.

GitHub: https://github.com/WorldHealthOrganization/app

Translation volunteers have a specific sign up page:
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Relevant Experience
Please study GitHub code and issues, project pages and app, then list out your experience most relevant to the project. That could be specific mobile frameworks, backend infrastructure, test automation or something else. Special attention will be paid to a thoughtful answer
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E.g. major tech company, university, popular product, leadership role, notable awards or other
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Pull Request or GitHub Issue
Given the large number of signups, we'll pay particular attention to people have gone to the trouble of researching an existing bug they'd like to fix or even better, post a pull request that does the fix. Ideally please comment on the issue first to volunteer and only start work after being assigned the issue. This avoids duplicating work but may not be possible while the repo is locked down during periods of intense interest.
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