Monthly Metropolis Coffee Order for Friends of Peirce

Monthly Schedule
Order by Date: August 15th Delivery Day: August 29th
Order by Date: September 16th Delivery Day: September 30th
Order by Date: October 15th Delivery Day: October 28th
Order by Date: November 12th Delivery Day: November 25th
Order by Date: December 5th Delivery Day: December 19th
Order by Date: January 13th Delivery Day: January 27th
Order by Date: February 11th Delivery Day: February 24th
Order by Date: March 16th Delivery Day: March 30th
Order by Date: April 13th Delivery Day: April 27th
Order by Date: May 11th Delivery Day: May 26th
Order by Date: June 1st Delivery Day: June 15th

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