TetCon Saigon 2016 Call for Presentations

You can use this form to submit a presentation proposal for TetCon Saigon 2016. Shall you have any question, please feel free to contact us at cfp@tetcon.org.

    About TetCon

    TetCon is the most technical and the only vendor-neutral information security conference that has been taking place annually in Saigon, Vietnam since 2012. TetCon aims to provide attendees with hands-on experiences, cutting-edge researches, and latest developments in information security in Vietnam and around the world.

    Important Dates

    End of Call for Presentations: 06 December 2015 Announcement of Last Batch of Speakers: 13 December 2015 Conference Day: 4 January 2015 Last year we got far more talks submitted than we have room for, so please submit early to secure your spot. For most talks, especially those with new findings, you can expect a yes/no response from us in just a few days.


    TetCon Saigon 2016 is located at the Hotel Majestic (Saigon, Vietnam), a historic luxury hotel that was built in 1925.

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    Speaker Details

    TetCon will reimburse up to $400 for domestic travel and $1,000 for international travel. TetCon will pay for a single hotel room for up to two nights at the official conference hotel, limited to the nights of January 3 and 4, 2016. TetCon will not offer any flight, travel or accommodations reimbursement for lightning talk speakers. All speakers will receive a free pass to the conference and all parties.

    Suggested Topics

    We are interested in all things hacking and security. We are especially interested in vulnerability and security analysis of Vietnamese products and services.

    Talk Formats

    1. Turbo: 15' presentation + 5' Q/A. 2. Lecture: 45' presentation + 10' Q/A.

    Technical Committee

    All presentations submitted to TetCon are reviewed and selected by a team of top-notch security researchers, including but not limited to: Bruce Dang is a senior security development engineering lead at Microsoft focusing on Windows kernel and reverse engineering. He is a co-author of “Practical Reverse Engineering”. Thanh Nguyen is the founder of VNSECURITY research group (since 1998) and a member of “The Hacker’s Choice”, which was the first group to e.g. crack A5 GSM in 2006 within a minute. Nguyen Anh Quynh is a computer security researcher and coder. He is the founder of open source projects Capstone Engine (http://capstone-engine.org) and Unicorn Engine (http://unicorn-engine.org). Juliano Rizzo has been involved in computer security for more than 15 years, working on vulnerability research, reverse engineering and development of high quality exploits for bugs of all classes. As a researcher he has published papers, security advisories and tools. His recent work includes the ASP.NET padding oracle exploit and the BEAST and CRIME attacks against SSL. Eduardo "sirdarckcat" Vela has worked in a couple big IT companies as a security engineer, reported vulnerabilities to most of the others, wrote a book about web security, and presented in some of the most popular security conferences worldwide. Now he works in Google helping product teams develop safer services and developing tools to make the web somewhat safer.

    Presentation Proposal

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