INDIA DAY Team invites all to participate in showcasing their talents and exhibiting the beauty of Indian arts originating from different regions, in a variety of Styles and Languages.

Registration form must be completed with the correct information for each performance. Any team or individual registering with false information may be disqualified. Please submit only one entry per performance.


Please provide the following information:

1) Program Director (Name of the Choreographer, Dance School Name, Skit Director, etc)
2) Email address
3) Two contact phone numbers
4) Category (Group Dance, Music/Instrument Performances, Skits / Theatrical, Stand up Comedy)
5) One line description / highlight of the program
6) Number of Participants
7) Age group of Participants (4 to 7, 8 to 12, 13 to 18, 19 and above, Mixed)
8) Duration of the program (in minutes)
9) Movie Name
10) Song First line
11) Concept

Rules and Guidelines
1) Each participant can perform up to a maximum of 4 items.
2) Group dance with 3 to 6 participants must be less than 6 minutes.
3) Group dance with 6 or more participants must be less than 8 minutes.
4) Vocal songs including group performances shall be less than 6 minutes. A maximum of 3 entries will be selected. Repetition will not be allowed.
5) Skits/Theatrical/Drama/Comedy items (under 5 minutes) will be considered, only if time permits.
6) If any of the above categories remain unfilled then, the items from the waiting list will be used to fill out the remaining slots.
9) In the Dance category, repetition of songs will not be encouraged. However, if the song is part of a medley and under 1 minute in duration, it will be allowed. A maximum of 4 entries that meet this criteria will be allowed. Selection will be done in the order of first come first served basis.
10) In order to keep the event content fresh, we request you to refrain from submitting any items in entirety that have been performed in the past 2 months. However, we will accept a small portion of the performance, should it be part of a medley.
11) INDIA DAY Team will do its best to accommodate all entries. If the number of entries is more than manageable, a selection process based on specific criteria such as Interest of audience, uniqueness of program, language, style (Classical/Semi classical/Western / Folk) and age of the participants for the waiting list items.
12) INDIA DAY Team reserves the right to make the final decision.
13) INDIA DAY Team reserves all rights to refuse any items that are deemed as inappropriate for the program.
14) All items received during registration will be reviewed by the committee.
15) All Program Directors will be informed, if any of the entries do not meet the guidelines above, and will be requested to make appropriate changes.
16) All Program Directors will be informed, once their item is selected.
17) Songs and background music to be submitted in MP3 format by July 16th, 2017 via email to indiaday@iagg.org

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Duration *
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Movie Name / Song Name *
For Group Dance Category, specify movie name & first line of song. If it is a medley performance, specify movie names and songs.
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Participant Information
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