Parish Life Activities and Interests
There are my ways to meet other parishioners and participate in parish life whether it's through fellowship or service!
Activities and Interests
Are you looking for meaningful family-friendly activities?
Do you like to clean other places more than your own house?
Do you enjoy gardening or yardwork?
Do you enjoy playing with power tools, painting, or DIY projects?
Do you like to knit, crochet, or make fleece-tie blankets?
Do you enjoy running errands(like grocery shopping) or cooking for others?
Do you have a knack for planning social events?
Do you enjoy singing in the car, karaoke, or school fight songs?
Do you enjoy quiet time praying in church outside of Mass?
Are you looking to connect with other mothers in the parish?
Would you like to learn more about why Catholics do Adoration, Incense, Latin Chant, different Vestments, etc?
What current groups or areas of parish life would you like to connect with?
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What new groups or opportunities would you like to see at our parish?
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Are you willing to spearhead a group?
I can serve the parish and community through personal skills, talents, and experience in:
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I would like to learn more about:
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Other Comments
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Info About You
What day of the week/time of day works best for you for meetings or activities? (Check all that apply)
About You(check all that apply)
Are you registered with the parish?
Do you have children enrolled at Mishawaka Catholic School?
Preferred method to contact you?
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Phone-specify if cell or home
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First Name
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Last Name
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