Golden's of L.A. Acres
Placing our puppies in the "right home" is our goal not only for you but for the puppies we have home raised with love. When you purchase a puppy/dog, you are entering into a long term commitment. We want that choice to meet your expectations and provide you with a puppy/dog that is compatible with your lifestyle and provide you with a lifetime of love and joy. Knowing how important this decision is to you and to all of us at Golden’s of L.A. Acres, we hope you will take a few minutes to fill out the form below! Thank you!
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How did you learn about Golden's of L.A. Acres and why do you think the purebred English Cream AKC Golden Retriever breed is right for you?
Are you aware of Health Issues in this breed, as no breed is without Health Issues?
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Are you looking for a Male or Female?
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Are you looking for a Companion? Are you looking to do Obedience, Agility, etc?
Are you willing to take the puppy to an 8 week puppy socialization class?
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As the breeder, it is important for me to keep track of all my dogs that have been placed. Are you willing to work with us to stay in contact regarding the development of your puppy?
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Have you crate trained a puppy before?
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Where will the puppy sleep?
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How many members are in your family? Are they all in agreement to add a puppy/dog to the family?
Do you have children? Ages?
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Do you have any other pets? How many and what kind? What are their ages? Have they been around a puppy before?
How long did other pets live and what were the circumstances of their death?
Have you ever returned a pet to a breeder and why?
Have you ever had to give a pet away and why?
Do you understand the meaning of limited and full registration with the American Kennel Club?
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What activities do you and your family participate in that might include the puppy/dog?
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