Please read conditions and criteria carefully before filling out and submitting this form. You can find them at the bottom of the page under the Please Note section.

Applications will be filled in the order in which they are received.
Fulfilling an application is contingent upon our having sufficient books for the ages requested.
We don’t always have books for all ages and interests in our warehouse.  Linda Smalley will call you to let you know whether your application has been approved and whether we have sufficient books to provide what you have requested.
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1.  Provide 501(c) 3 number or PA sales-tax exempt number:     *
2.  How many children do you serve?     *
2A.  What percentage of these children are economically disadvantaged?   *
2B.  Explain how you determined this percentage (e.g. school lunch program, subsidized housing): *
3.  How many books are you requesting?  (Limit is 400 for agencies; one per child for schools) *
4.  Explain how these books will be distributed to the children (Note: Books may not be used as prizes or incentives):     *
5.  For schools only: Explain how these books will be used in a program to encourage parents to read to or with their children or as part of a home reading program:  
6.  Please specify your needs as accurately as you can by stating the number of BOYS and the number of GIRLS for each of the following age ranges: *
Birth-3 years // 4-6 years // 7-8 years // 9-10 years // 11-13 years // 14-18 years    
7.  Describe any special needs (e.g. easy reading, multi-cultural books, etc.)
Schools and classroom teachers must submit their requests and pick up their books between January 2 and September 30 of each calendar year.

Terms and conditions
Conditions under which non-profit organizations and schools may receive books
from Hooked on Books for Kids and participating publishers.

All organizations and schools who receive books from the Hooked on Books for Kids and the publishers with whom we work make the following representations:

1. The recipient organization or agency has current tax-exempt 501 (c) (3) status as determined by the Internal Revenue Service of the United States Department of Treasury, or has a tax-exempt number issued by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

2. The recipient organization or agency will not permit, under any circumstances, any portion of the books to be resold, exchanged, or bartered for other tangible goods, or be given to another organization.

3. The recipient agency or organization recognizes and acknowledges that it, not Hooked Books for Kids or the donating publisher, is responsible for determining that the content and subject matter of donated books are appropriate to its constituency or children and youth before the books are disseminated to the children and youth.

4.   The recipient may not pass on any books obtained from Hooked on Books for Kids to any other agency.  If you have over-estimated the number of books needed, phone Linda Smalley to arrange a time when you can return excess books.

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