2019 Science Fair sign up Form
Use this form to sign up for the grade 2-5 Science (Science-Technology-Engineering-Math) fair .

Science Fair Family Project Guide: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-1nyjIWNVPy3H6-zEKARLPCefxSLRKl6Y_DsOt-boNY/edit?usp=sharing

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(Limit 3 students per project group. Respect your friends- spell their names right!)
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By checking this box, I agree to talk with my parents about participation in the Science Fair. I will let my parents know about my plan. I will not do experiments that could harm myself, other living beings or property. I understand that Science fair work is done at home. I understand that I need to download the Science fair directions from the school website, or request a paper copy from Mr. Cleveland.
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