DUI Transport Brisbane to Canberra
We are in the process of organising transport logistics for the DUI and need to know what your plans are regarding transport between Brisbane and Canberra and to what capacity you are able to assist with the 'Convoy' process.

Things we want to know:

- will you be driving from Brisbane to Canberra?
- is there space in your car to transport internationals?
- will you be part of the 'convoy' from Brisbane to Canberra?
- are you willing to help set up camp sites?

*Please Note: If you are planning on driving your own car and using it to transport other Juggers you must have an appropriate level of insurance. This means some level of Comprehensive Car Insurance (on top of the Compulsory Third Party Insurance).

Who are you? - Name and Email
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Are you driving your own car from Brisbane to Canberra?
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