Sexual Violence Incident

Eastern Oregon University defines sexual assault as any non-consensual sexual act. A sexual act is non-consensual if it is:

A. inflicted upon someone who cannot grant consent (due to cognitive disability, age, incapacitation due to drug/alcohol use, etc.); or
B. compelled through the use of coercion, intimidation, threats, or physical force.

In order to understand the campus climate, plan a response to sexual violence, and to obtain accurate statistics, we ask that you complete this form. Once completed the form will be sent anonymously to the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs. The information is used to compile data regarding the incidence of sexual violence on and around our campus. Victims can also use this form to request support. It is not necessary for you to be the victim to complete this form.

    PLEASE NOTE: Completing this form does NOT constitute a police report nor a student conduct report. You will not be contacted by the University unless you indicate a desire to be contacted. You may request to be contacted at the end of this form.

    To file a student conduct complaint, contact one of the following Student Services Staff:

    Colleen Dunne-Cascio, Director of Student Relations: 541-962-3476 Dr. Marianne Weaver, Counseling Center: 541-962-3524

    To file an official report for criminal action, contact the La Grande Police Department by calling 911.