Apply to be a Local Author in our Book Club
The Last Saturday of every month, Tzima Brown of Evolve and Kasie & Rex of #WriteOnSC will host a morning meet-up for book lovers and local authors. We'll discuss one selection per month. The cost is $175 per author.

For $175 You Get:
Featured Selection coverage -- the club reads YOUR book
An interview on Tzima's show "Evolve" airing Saturday night at 8 p.m.
Discussion of your book on WriteOnSC
Live Tweet Chat interview using the #wschat forum on a Tuesday during your month
Social media posts and promotion throughout the 6 weeks (2 weeks prior to the month and the full month)
Amazon and Goodreads reviews by our Club readers
A live event on the last Saturday morning @ Sunrise Artisan where you can meet readers and sign copies.

Our selections are read and reviewed by our Book Club members. Want that selection to be you? Complete this form.
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