Application - Work with Andrea Lynn
Please be in full integrity with yourself in regards to your answers. You won't get where you desire to go unless you are being true and vulnerable with yourself. The work I do with you is intense and raw however it will open you up to everything you are and everything you desire. It will bring you to THE TRUTH WITHIN YOU that has been buried by your conditioning and trauma. There are no shortcuts. Your results are up to you and are based on the actions you do or don't take and the follow through you do or don't choose to do. I'm the catalyst to get you there however it's up to you to show up for yourself which will also include following through with the actions.
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Are you willing to commit to setting aside time weekly for the duration of your time with Andrea Lynn and not let other things (outside of personal emergencies) get in the way? *
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Do you consider yourself open minded and available for different perspectives than you've known up until now? *
Are you willing to completely release your past, all the stories connected to it and discover the truth? *
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