Application - Work with Andrea Lynn
You've landed on this page because there is a part of you that is aware of a mission you're here to fulfill. Or you may simply have a knowing of something greater within you that you haven't been able to access on your own. You may require some assistance in embodying your sovereignty and power so you can create what you truly desire to! I'm here to assist you with embodying your purest divine expression, receiving your power and claiming the prosperity that is yours.

Please be in full integrity with yourself in regards to your answers.
***I will contact you within 24 hours in regards to your inquiry for working one on one with me
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Why are you interested in working one on one with Andrea Lynn? What are you looking to change, shift or explore in your life? (Be very detailed and specific. My 1:1 containers are for those who are committed to the change they desire.) *
Are you aware of something you would like to bring to the world? Do you feel called to a specific mission? If so, please share details here. If not that's totally ok and you can simply enter: Not at this time. *
How motivated are you to take actions and move forward on your above answer? *
Are you willing to commit to setting aside time weekly for the duration of your time with Andrea Lynn and not let other things (outside of personal emergencies) get in the way? *
I only talk to people who are all in and willing to do the work regardless of the comfort level and those willing to invest immediately in this potent work and themselves. How much are you willing to invest right now? *
Are you committed to taking action steps as per directed by Andrea Lynn on your empowerment calls no matter how uncomfortable some of them may be? *
Do you consider yourself open minded and available for different perspectives than you've known up until now? *
Please give 2-3 options for days of the week and times of the day that would work to schedule your 30 minute call for discussing package options and our agenda for working together. If things are aligned and we decide to work together, payment will be taken on on the call. *
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