Request for CQI Assistance: Performance and Outcomes Committee
Local Balance of State Continuum of Care (BoS CoC) partners are always encouraged to engage any process challenges or issues directly with other local partners. However, it may be necessary at times for partners to present a recommendation for a process, task, or system improvement directly to the Performance and Outcomes Committee.

To facilitate this communication, the Committee has a standardized process to receive these partner suggestions electronically and anonymously, if desired. If the suggestion is agency-specific, supervisor approval may be solicited as appropriate by the BoS CoC Coordinator.

All partner agencies are expected to provide recommendations and suggestions in a professional manner that is focused on process needs, without attacking or blaming any agency or person.

Examples of requests for CQI assistance:
- How to improve access to housing resources for Domestic Violence survivors
- How to increase collaboration with Veteran service providers and gather data without duplication

Please note: This request form is not a substitute for the HMIS Help Desk. Please connect with the Help Desk for any technical requests or concerns.
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