Advanced Band Practice Record 2019-20
Each week students will earn points for practice outside of class. A 10 point scale will be used to award points for practice, and 2 points will be awarded for reflection questions.

The grading scale for the practice minutes will be as follows (all times are per week):
10 points 120 minutes or more
9 points 90-119 minutes
8 points 60-89 minutes
7 points 30-59 minutes
6 points 0-29 minutes

Points for reflection questions will be as follows:
2 points All questions were answered with appropriate responses
1 point Only some of the questions were answered or not answered thoroughly
0 points No reflection questions were answered

This form should be filled out and submitted between Friday after school and Monday before school each week. It is time stamped, so I will see when it is submitted and will be considered late after Monday morning at 8:15 a.m.

Practice grades will be lowered one point per day that the record is submitted late, and they will not be accepted more than 3 days late.
No more than 60 minutes per day will be counted.
Private lesson times may be counted as double practice (ex. 30 minute lesson = 60 min. practice).
Practicing other instruments outside of your band instrument may be counted as half time (ex. practicing 30 min. piano may count as 15 minutes of your practice time).
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