Confidential Nondisclosure Form
TW: Sexual assault and harassment

HaU de UCD is constantly striving to create a safe space for our general body and all community members. As part of this effort we have created this form as a step in our action plan to better protect and support sexual assault and harassment survivors. This form will guide our interaction with the student life community on our campus and beyond. So as to avoid interactions of any kind with any organization that may make our members uncomfortable while maintaining anonymity to protect survivors confidentiality, we invite all to anonymously inform us of any organization you ask that HaU de UCD stop associating with.

All organizations mentioned will be immediately, and without question, no longer interacted with. The lack of interaction and association will continue until we see structural change within each organization (we intend to have the status of these orgs reviewed annually by each years' new steering committee). We will leave space for anyone to explain their discomfort with an organization if they would like to, but we want to emphasize that you do not HAVE to explain your trauma in order for us to disassociate with any org.
Please name any organziation(s) that you ask HaU no longer associate with. *
Feel free to explain why (optional)
You do not have to explain yourself, your statement will be taken seriously regardless. This is a space to explain why you have mentioned this organization if you would like to.
How can we, as HaU de UCD, best support you moving forward?
Is there anything else you would like us to know?
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