Harvard Negotiators Board Candidate Statements

Call for Harvard Negotiators Board Candidate Statements!

Interested in negotiation and dispute resolution? Loved the Negotiation Workshop or the Williston Competition? Apply for a Negotiators Board Position!

Statements of interest are due by Monday, March 24 @ 5 PM. Board elections will take place on Tuesday, March 25 @ 7 PM in WCC 2009. In the spirit of negotiation and in keeping with tradition, elections will be done by consensus building. All members, whether running for a position or not, are invited to attend the meeting. If demand exceeds board capacity, we may switch the board selection process to democratic elections.

All positions are open to current 1Ls and 2Ls (including Chair and Vice Chair!). You can indicate that you are interested in being considered for a number of positions.

Email Davida Shiff (dshiff@jd15.law.harvard.edu) or Suzanne Van Arsdale (svanarsdale@jd15.law.harvard.edu) with any questions.

Position Descriptions:

Chair (1 or 2 people): Leads development and operation of Negotiators. Responsibilities are both substantive (helping to choose new client projects, speaker initiatives) and administrative (liaising with Office of Clinical Program, working with HMMCP staff, etc.).

Vice-Chair (1 or 2 people): Assists chair in all responsibilities described above. Often responsible for primary management of specific committees.

Treasurer (1 person): Manages budget for the year and helps incoming board propose a budget for the following year.

Outreach Chair (1 or 2 people): Leads recruiting and communication effort. Representative responsibilities include ADR night, activities fair, weekly Negotiators email, website management (this is really easy).

Competitions Chair (1 or 2 people): Spearheads Negotiators participation in national and international competitions. Helps run 1L-wide Williston competition in conjunction with BSA. Organizes new competitions (e.g., HLS-HBS-HKS negotiation competition)

Simulations Chair (1 or 2 people): Plans and executes simulations, including working closely with HNMCP staff to select the prompts and help facilitate debriefs.

Client Projects Chair (2 people): Oversee client project managers. Work closely with HNMCP Clinical Fellow to select client projects and help advise client project teams.

Academic Chair (1 or 2 people): Helps organize speaker events, facilitated dialogue initiatives, blog posts.

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