2018-19 TXMUN Media Corps Application
Being a part of the Media Corps is an exciting way to promote the program and global awareness. As part of the Corps, reporters document international conflict, collaboration and resolutions in your clubs and throughout conferences. If you desire to share stories of compelling issues facing people around the world, Media Corps is for you. Delegates must have some experience in in one of the following: photography, writing, investigative research, social media coverage and reporting.

Media delegates will be asked to:
1. Take closeups and compelling shots to tell stories of events unfolding that can also promote the Model UN program
2. Shoot video of unfolding events and interviews of delegates and adults involved in committees, crisis and ceremonies.
3. Document happenings via reporting and social media throughout the day.
4. Write stories for online blogs on a monthly basis and during conference.
5. Compile news into a repository for easy access to TXMUN delegates and the public.
6. Learn about, care for and utilize professional equipment such a digital cameras, digital video cameras and lavaliere and other microphones. Media will also be responsible for running power points and other presentations during conference..
7. Edit photos, video and create packages to share with delegates during conferences.

Delegates must have initiative to do things on their own, an excellent work ethic to generate a body of work and meet deadlines. They must also maintain good communication with the adult advisor for Media Corps. Delegates must have attention to detail with spelling, grammar, editing and research. They must also exhibit the four core values of the YMCA, respect, responsibility, honesty and caring.

Applications due October 5, 2018; applicants will need to attend the Media work day October 13.

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Your application will be reviewed and you will be contacted for an interview by a member of Secretariat. Selections will be announced by October 5. All Media must be able to attend the Media work day October 13. Promote Texas Model UN on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat @txmunmedia. Click the Submit button below.
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