Autumn 2018 Term - Teacher and Conversation Partner Application
Welcome to Amal Learning!
Thank you for your interest in volunteering providing language skills to refugees.

Refugees and displaced people face a lack of opportunities when they are forced to flee their places of origin. Speaking a new language becomes vital. Our goal is to help them learn the language they need to rebuild their lives.

We do this through online one to one classes usually over Skype. Teachers and conversation partners will be matched with the students based on criteria such as gender, age, interests and experiences.

The time commitment is about 1.5 hours per week. This time includes the class with your student, usually 1 hour per week, the preparation time and the feedback to your coordinator.

Autumn term 2018 spans from 15th September to 15th December for the English Language Programme. We will be running a Spanish Language Programme pilot this term as well, exact dates to be decided but it might be about October- 15th December probably.

Please fill out this form. We will get back to you shortly.

Please note that to volunteer with us you need to be at least 18 years old.

We respect your privacy and, among other measures, we will never share any of your personal information without your express consent with a third party (e.g. a study center on the ground). For more about how we keep your data secure, please have a look at our privacy policy on our website:

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