2017 FUN Stop Booth Application
Welcome to the Summer of the Arts FUN Stop Booth Application process!
Basic Information
We invite your business or organization to host and staff a FUN Stop booth which will providean interactive experience for attendees to participate with as they make their way through our summer festivals. This experience can be a game, activity, demonstration, craft or other creative idea. All booth activities must be approved by Summer of the Arts.

The 2017 Iowa Arts Festival takes place June 2-4, the Iowa City Jazz Festival takes place June 30 - July 2 and the Iowa Soul Festival will take place on August 4-5.

Booth space (10'x10') fees per festival are:
Business, receiving income from activity = $350
Business, receiving income from activity at Iowa Soul Festival = $200
Business, No Sales = $200
Business, No Sales at Iowa Soul Festival = $100
Non-profit 501c3 Organization, No Sales = $50
Non-profit 501c3 Organization, No Sales at Iowa Soul Festival = $25
Student Organizations, No Sales = No Cost
Sponsor Benefit Booth = No Cost

Additional booth equipment available for rent. Please see the Registration & Payment Information in Section 4 of this form.
Opportunity to have more than one 10' x 10' space is possible.

Application Deadlines are:
Iowa Arts Festival: March 10, 2017
Iowa City Jazz Festival: April 10, 2017
Iowa Soul Festival: June 9, 2017

Official notification of acceptance to follow shortly after the application process closes.

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