Official Dis-enrollment from NW Student Community
We understand that most everyone's music lessons come to a close at some point, and this has hopefully been a thoughtful decision between you and you're instructor :) 

We do require two weeks notice to discontinue lessons. At the completion of those two weeks any NW Material checked out from our Library must be returned, or added to your final invoice. 

You are welcome to attend those final two weeks, have a family member or friend attend in your place, or forfeit those lessons. 

Upon submitting this form, your final two weeks begin according to the date submitted. 

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns you are more than welcome to contact the office! or (503) 999.4343

This form with the office is required for dis-enrollment. Informing your instructor is a kind gesture (and we do hope you do!), but instructors do not have access to billing or administrative duties, and without this form through the office, you are still an enrolled member in our NW Student Community. 
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What day should the 2 weeks notice begin? *
Will you be attending your final lessons? *
What are your reasons for dis-enrolling at this time? *
Do you have any feedback you would like to share? Whether about the instructor, the school, our programs, etc. 
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