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Complete details about Open Studios are HERE:
The information you provide below will be used on the official BAA website, the invitation and the building guide.
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THREE words to describe your work (limited to 30 characters; REQUIRED)
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Unit number where you will be showing
If you are a non-resident affiliate artist, state which Brickbottom resident will be hosting you, if known.
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BAA membership (required) is $50. (Founding members still in possession of their ORIGINAL unit are exempt from annual membership dues.)

RESIDENT participants are expected to perform a volunteer task. To be exempt from this duty, you can pay a $25 surcharge. To sign up for a volunteer task, click below:

The Early-Bird Open Studios fee (before July 31) is $75. After that, it will be $100.

Check any of these if they apply to you:
Check the ONE that applies (REQUIRED):
*Does not apply to Founding Members still in possession of their original unit.
**Does not apply to non-residents.
If you want more than your 25 allotment, how many more?
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Hosting affiliate artists
You will receive a $25 rebate AFTER the event for EACH affiliate artist you host in your unit. Please pay the full amount up-front. Please enter their names below.
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Press Images (Optional)
Provide a high-resolution (300+ dpi) image via e-mail to Alternatively, burn your image on a CD-R disc and put it in the BAA office dropbox (C111). On the disc, write the title and medium of your piece, and your name as you would like it to appear. Select a piece that works well in gray-scale, in case of black-and-white publication. Out-of-focus, crooked or poorly lit images cannot be used.
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