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Register your company/organization name for the 2018 edition of 100 days of running. Before doing this, please check if the company name is NOT present in the appropriate field in the event registration page at

This form is just registration of the company name and not company runners, who will register on their own once event registration starts online. But this will help those runners correctly identify their company name if we have the company information in advance.

The submitted company name would be visible on the 100 Days of Running registration page within 48 hours of company name submission.
Company Name *
Mention the company name like it should appear publicly. For example, a company name may be specified as "TCS", "Tata Consultancy Services" or "Tata Consultancy Services Limited". We recommend using the full company name and acronym in brackets (so that it is easy for participants to seach), example: Tata Consultancy Services Limited (TCS)
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Company City *
Mention city in which company exists. If it is a pan India company, just write India instead of city.
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Name of person submitting *
Specify the name of the person (you) who is submitting this company data
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Specify the email address of the person submitting the company name data.
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