The Rochester Public Schools Activity Department would like feedback on your experience. Please take 10 minutes to complete this survey. Our department is gathering information to improve our programs. As you answer the questions, your responses pertain to the "head coach" at your level of competition.
Which sport did you play?
What level did you participate in this season? *
My overall experience was positive. *
Who was the coach who instructed and taught you on a daily basis *
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Our head coach communicates effectively with student-athletes and parents. *
Our head coach is a positive role model and projects a positive image of our team *
The instruction and information from all coaches was clear and understandable. *
Our head coach encourages and demonstrates sportsmanship and respect of the rules. *
Our head coach demonstrates enthusiasm, motivation, and caring when working with high school student-athletes. *
Our head coach promotes and encourages students to participate in a variety of additional school athletics/activities. *
Our head coach stresses the importance of academics. *
Our head coach supports and promotes youth programs to help build a strong program for the future. *
Our head coach supports the core values of Rochester Pulbic School and the bylaws of the MSHSL. *
Our head coach teaches the fundamental skills and possesses the knowledge essential to develope athletes in this sport. *
Our coach provides effective feedback for the development of the student-athlete. *
Our head coach was accessible and approachable. *
Our coach maintains effective individual and team discipline at practices and during events. *
Our head coach establishes team goals and revisits them periodically as a measure of the team's progress. *
This season is well-organized with clear daily expectations and outcomes. *
I was challenged to reach a higher level of skill and achievement. *
Our coach established a sense of team respect and responsibility. *
The captains are enthusiastic, positive and effective in their leadership roles. *
Our team was committed to remain chemically free. *
The team captains provided positive leadership for the entire team. *
Our team building activities helped provide a sense of team unity and cohesiveness. *
The parents and student-athletes were provided information regarding team guidelines and district policies at the P.A.C. meeting. *
I would choose to participate in this sport again. *
Our athletic trainer was accessible, knowledgable and helped me return to play in a timely manner from injury. *
Our strength and conditioning coach was accessible, knowledgable and the workouts were beneficial. *
What I enjoyed most about this season was:
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What improvements can be made to our program or any additional comments:
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