Illini Drumline Alumni Scholarship Application
Applicants for the Marching Illini Drumline Scholarship will be asked to support their application with information relevant to the following criterion:

a. The recipient(s) must be in the percussion section of the Marching Illini.
b. The recipient(s) must have a minimum of two previous seasons' experience in the
percussion section of the Marching Illini.
c. The recipient(s) must have demonstrated strong leadership and initiative for the
Marching Illini Drumline.
d. The recipient(s) must have demonstrated academic merit.
e. The recipient(s) financial need may be considered.

On-Line Application Deadline: October 4 -12:00PM

Basic Rules: A student can only receive the scholarship once. The selection committee is formed at the discretion of the Director of the Marching Illini. It will usually consist of the Director of the Marching Illini, an alumni drumline member, the current drumline graduate teaching assistant, and another band faculty member.

Amount: The scholarship amount will depend on the amount of donations and the return on investment bonds of the UI Foundation Endowment Fund. Recently, it has generally centered around $500.

The funding for this account has been provided by UI Band Alumni and is a demonstration of the important bonds of the UI Band through generations.

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