"Straight A's in Life" Scholarship Application
The “Straight A’s In Life” Scholarship will be awarded annually to High School Seniors who have completed the Learn to “School” Your toughest Opponent 4 week session at their high school, and will be seeking higher education after graduating from high school. One Senior will be selected from each participating high school as determined by the School of Life Foundation. The “Straight A’s In Life” Scholarship dollar value is $500.00 per high school recipient. The applicant will be selected without regard to race, religion or cultural background.
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Outline in a one-page essay (approximately 500 words) how the School of Life classes impacted your life in the following three areas: 1. Describe one change you made in your life as a result of completing this program. 2. Describe why you want to attend higher education. 3. Describe how you will share with others what you have learned from these classes. Take your time and make it meaningful.
To Complete Your Application
When you click submit your application will be sent to the School of Life Foundation Scholarship Committee and reviewed by the School of Life Foundation Board of Directors. Those selected to receive the award will be contacted in June of the year they completed the program. At that time instructions will be given on how to access the funds. The “Straight A’s In Life” Scholarship must be used within 2 years of being awarded. If you have any questions on the application process, please email us at schooloflifescholarships@gmail.com. Thank you for applying!
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