CCSD#1 Take Home Device Agreement
Converse 1 – Take-Home Device Agreement

If you meet district requirements - please complete this form to be considered for a take home device if one is available.

This agreement for home use of a district-owned device is between the parent/guardian or student (in the case of an unaccompanied youth situation) and Converse County School District #1 (CCSD#1) for a technology device deemed necessary for educational use.  Devices include but are not limited to iPads, computers, and any other assistive technology device deemed appropriate for home use by CCSD#1.  Rules and guidelines for home use include the following:
As all sent-home devices are property of CCSD1, they are to be used appropriately as educational tools.
Parents/guardians need to be present during the device’s operation to ensure the student’s safety while in use. Internet filters, where appropriate, are installed on devices for home use; however, web searches from home networks always require parent/guardian supervision.
No food or drink is allowed next to the device.
Cords or removable storage is to be inserted carefully into the device.
Devices are never to be left on the floor, on a chair, sofa, etc.
Stepping on or sitting on the device is prohibited.
In the event a device requires repair of any kind, it is to be returned to the CCSD#1 Technology Department. At no point is a parent/guardian or student to attempt to repair the device.  Please contact the Technology Department for immediate assistance in the event a repair is necessary for any part of the device.
CCSD#1 is not responsible for any content or harmful information reviewed while outside of the established school district network.  CCSD#1 is not responsible for any physical harm done to the student while the device is checked out for out-of-school district use.
Costs for repairs required, outside of customary wear and tear, to the device will be at the expense of the parent/guardian or, in the event a device is checked out to an unaccompanied youth, the student. Cost may include labor costs, equipment replacement, and parts associated with the repairs.
Intentional damage to the device will result in the parent/guardian or student being charged for the full replacement of the device.

Devices are due back to CCSD#1 when students are allowed to physically return to school or at the end of the school year.

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