Interested in your child learning Mandarin in an afterschool program?有兴趣让您的孩子在课后班学习国语吗?
We are considering partnering with iCanMandarin to bring Mandarin to PS126 MAT. Please fill out this form so we can gauge the level of interest in an afterschool Mandarin learning program. Your participation is greatly appreciated! 我们正在考虑与iCanMandarin合作,将国语引入PS126 MAT。请填写此表格,以便我们评估您对课后国语学习课程的兴趣水平。非常感谢您的参与!
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Would you be interested in your PS126 MAT student participating in Mandarin classes in an afterschool program?您对参加您的PS126 MAT学生的课后国语课程感兴趣吗? *
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Student Name:学生姓名:
Phone number:电话号码:
Student's mandarin experience:学生的普通话经验:
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Is Mandarin used at home?在家里会用国语吗?
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We think these classes will cost about $15.00 per hour session. Would you be willing and able to pay this fee?我们认为这些课程每小时的费用约为$ 15.00。您愿意并且能够支付这笔费用吗?
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If you cannot pay $15, how much can you pay?如果您不能支付$ 15,您可以支付多少?
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