Maryland Green Party Petition Reporting and Collection
This form is designed to help the Maryland Green Party count and track ballot access petitions that have been independently collected by volunteers. We highly encourage petition gatherers to report their progress and submit their petitions as frequently as possible so that the MGP can accurately assess the progress of the petition drive and ensure the orderly collection of signatures.

For the sake of accuracy and ease of organization, please make sure you submit each batch of petitions through this form only once. When you have completed this survey, please use one of the methods below to send your physical petition sheets to the MGP and make sure that any new signatures you collect are organized separately from the ones you are reporting now.
Email address *
Other contact info
If email is not the preferred way for us to contact you, please specify an alternative here
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Petitioner's Name *
Your name, or the name of the person who collected the signatures you are reporting and signed the circulator's box at the bottom of the petition form.
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Number of signatures *
The total number of individual signatures in this batch of petition forms
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Number of forms *
The number of forms (pages) in this submission
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Last date of signatures *
The latest date of signing in this batch of forms
Completed circulator's affidavits? *
Have you made sure to complete the Circulator's Affidavit box at the bottom of EACH form?
Method of submission *
How are you getting these forms to the Maryland Green Party's ballot access team?
Add any notes you feel are necessary about your signatures or your efforts to get them to the MGP ballot access team here.
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