Photoshop Unit Survey, Spring18
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1. How much did you enjoy this unit?
Not at all, I am glad it is over
It was a wonderful experience
2. Would you have an interest in continuing to use Photoshop in the future?
3. Do you feel from this unit you are comfortable using Photoshop?
4. What was your favorite part of this unit and why?
example: photoshop bucket list gallery, following along with Mrs. Cullen, the educational games, Magazine Madness.... include details
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5. In what way do you think this unit could have been improved?
Be specific
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6. What is one part/skill of Photoshop which you would like to learn more about?
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7. How do you think you could implement the use of Photoshop in other projects outside of this class?
Be specific if possible
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8. Do you feel as though the teacher was able to help you in a timely manner with your questions/issues in regards to her knowledge of the application
9. If you had more time to work in Photoshop in class what is one piece you would like to work on/create?
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10. Did the magazine project help you to apply all the essential skills in Photoshop in a hands on approach?
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