Share your COVID-19 research with the broader scientific community
As the world looks toward the scientific community to fight COVID-19, we are setting up a COVID-19 resources page on Benchling that will point to sequences, protocols, and other work in Benchling that will be useful to the greater scientific community. Our hope is to help scientists more rapidly and freely share COVID-19 research and resources.

We have put together a set of guidelines for submissions. Please review them and do your best to follow these guidelines:

We will not be validating your data, but reviewing your submissions to ensure that information like contributors, sources, and references are listed clearly. It's important that we are all informed — and that others in this fight are confident about where, how, and why any data was generated.

Thank you for all of your hard work during this time!
Please confirm that you are comfortable sharing your COVID-19 research in Benchling publicly. (You should double-check with your institution, company, or collaborators if you are concerned about their policies for sharing data, especially unpublished work. Keep in mind that adding data to a public project and sharing it through Benchling means that it can be viewed and shared by anyone.) *
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