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This form will be used to complete your registration as an officially affiliated chapter of Helping Hands - Driven By Youth. Before you complete this form, please ensure there is no pre-existing chapter registered at your school/university already.
Note: Upon completion of this form, please email us at to receive a copy of the Chapter Handbook in which you can receive guidance on how to start your chapter. The handbook also contains some important guidelines and rules that you must accept.


Helping Hands - Driven By Youth is a non-profit organization created and run by youth. Helping Hands has the main objective of filling the gap between youth and community service by running fundraisers and various other projects across high schools and universities in Canada. Every year, Helping Hands partners with a homeless shelter in need and dedicates all the items, money, and volunteer resources it has towards improving that shelter for that one year. The next year, Helping Hands partners with a new shelter and helps them. Everything that Helping Hands does is started, run, and executed by youth. This is done because Helping Hands aims to support youth in guiding them on the right path. By giving at-risk youth the opportunity to volunteer for the homeless by cooking food, raising care packages, and more, Helping Hands allows them to see their potential while giving back to the community. In the end, Helping Hands not only looks to help the homeless as much as it can through youth-run events, but also prevent at-risk youth from making bad critical decisions by giving them the opportunity to inspire, lead, and act on community issues with their peers.


Helping Hands - Driven By Youth is constantly expanding and increasing our network of youth across the country. We highly encourage you to step up to the plate and take charge of your local community by setting up a Helping Hands Chapter at your school/university.

Join the movement and make a real impact on the lives that really need it most. Become a leader and example in your community!


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