EAP Fellowship Cohort X Application (2019-20)
We're excited you've deciding to apply for the Emerging Arts Professionals SFBA Fellowship program! Welcome to the application form.

This means you are ready to:
- Strengthen your capacity for leadership and collaboration
- Broaden your regional understanding of the arts and culture field
- Develop a stronger cross-sector professional network!!!

Please review the program details and meeting dates on the website before completing the application, incomplete applications may not be reviewed.

If you need support completing the application, please contact Jevohn at jevohn@emergingsf.org to ask questions or schedule a call to assist.

**Participant Selection based on how well you can articulate the following**

- Established record or articulated commitment to exploring at least one specific Affinity Topic
- Adds to the group's diversity, including: race, ethnicity, SOGI (http://www.transstudent.org/gender/), ability, class, perspective, education, expertise, etc.
- Interest in both learning and teaching in community, with experience working collaboratively
- Commitment to personal and professional growth, understands their growth edges OR understands the importance of learning from diverse perspectives (respects constructive dissent)
- Commitment to advancing the Bay Area’s arts and culture sector (sees the past/future solutions, articulates challenges)

TIP: Keep your responses concise and to the point, this will make your message stand out quickly. Keep the above selection criteria in mind when answering.

Application deadline >> Wednesday, September 11th, 11:59pm
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What projects are you working on that challenge the status quo OR that explore new models/structures? What past solutions do you draw from? What challenges are you addressing/seeing? Maximum 1500 characters (~200 words)
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What's something that motivates you to continue working in the field? Maximum 1500 characters (~200 words).
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How did you grow (personally/professionally) from it? What did it show you about collaboration? Maximum 1500 characters (~200 words).
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