Logix Blossom County Registration Form
This Form is to be filled for the Registration of your flat at Logix Blossom County

The registration will be carried on by Samreddhi Documentation

For knowing the (1) List of Documents Required, (2) the Detailed Process of registration, (3) The time required for registration, (4) When and Where physical presence is required and (5) Frequently asked questions Pls visit goo.gl/UtPFva

To Know the Total expenses for the registration of the flat download the total expense calculator for registration of your flat from here https://goo.gl/SqQzRL (Only Modify the green Fields)

For Any queries related to registration contact at samreddhi@yahoo.com or SMS/Call/Whatsapp at 9818186101 - Sunny Chawla

After this form is filled, the details provided herein this form will be verified with our records. Upon verification, the amount of stamp duty and other required details will be sent over email provided herein this form.

Also, Please note that Maintenance Agreement must be signed with Logix Group (If not done till date). For your convenience Please sign at the time of your visit at Logix for handing over the documents for registration (If not done till date)

Also, you are required to clear all dues related to Maintenance charges, Farmer Compensation charges, IGL charges, Water softner charges & other applicable charges prior to the initiation of registry process.

Enter every information in this form correctly. In case of any query /Doubt / any Information, call on 98181 86101 (Sunny Chawla)

Email address
Flat Details
Flat No.
For Example : 0302
Your answer
Flat Size (in Sq. Ft.)
For Example : 966 Sq. Ft.
Your answer
Whether Flat purchased in Fresh Allotment or Resale
Net Basic Sale Price of the Flat (in Rs. / Sq. ft.)
Net Basic Sale Price is the price (in Rs. / Sq.Ft.) at which the Allottee has purchased the Flat from the Builder Example : Rs. 2907/- per sq.ft. . For Clarity Net Basic Sale Price is the price after any discounts given by the builder
Your answer
No. of Parkings
No. of Parkings Allotted with Flat by Logix. Please note that not all the flats have more than one parking . Select the Appropriate option
Allottee Details
Please fill the Allottee Details. if there is one allotee only, then fill details of first allottee only
No. of Allottees
Name of First Allottee
Your answer
PAN No. of First Allottee
Your answer
Address of First Allottee
Your answer
Name of Second Allottee
Your answer
PAN No. of Second Allottee
Your answer
Address of Second Allottee
Your answer
Name of Third Allottee
Your answer
PAN No. of Third Allottee
Your answer
Address of Third Allottee
Your answer
Mobile No. of any Allottee for easy contact
This Mobile No. will also be mentioned in the registry of your flat.
Your answer
Availability of Allottee (s)
Registration will be done through
Select Self, if the person is Personally available for the registration Process. If the registration is to be done through Power of Attorney holder select Power of Attorney. Please note that if registration is to be done through Power of Attorney, the Power of attorney should be compulsarily registered
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