Westminster Choral Audition Form 2017-2018
Please take time to read all questions carefully!
For descriptions of the choirs, please visit www.rider.edu/wcc/academics/choirs
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Please do not guess. If you do not know, contact Performance Management. Freshmen and Graduate Students who have not yet been informed of their date should select "Other/TBA".
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Please be aware of AM vs. PM.
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Studio Teacher
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Freshmen: Please provide your graduating High School, the name of your High School music teacher, and your HS music teacher's email address.
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If you are an incoming transfer student, please list any transferable music credits.
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Curricular Choir *
Chapel Choir (Freshmen); Schola Cantorum (Sophomores); Symphonic Choir (Juniors, Seniors, some Graduate Students); None (some Graduate Students)
Which auditioned choir(s) would you like to be considered for?
NOTE: Freshmen may not register for auditioned choirs, leave BLANK.
If you have substantial experience playing piano or other instruments, please describe here. Please only list instruments you would be willing to play in performance. List instrument and number of years played.
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Are you interested in volunteering to perform in Mastersingers recitals this year as a vocalist and/or instrumentalist? Enrollment in the course is not required, but participants are required to attend rehearsals every day for two weeks and the final performance from 10:20-11:20 am on a Friday. Instrumentalists typically attend two or three rehearsals. (Freshmen are not eligible to enroll.)
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