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The picture shows just some of our SAPNA staff smiling while taking a break from learning themselves.  
A group of smiling people outside with trees in the background. Some standing, some sitting, others using wheelchairs.
SAPNA is the Self Advocacy Power Network for All.  
It is a project of the Pennsylvania Office of Developmental Programs (ODP).   

SAPNA is managed by Self Advocates United as 1 (SAU1), a 
PA non-profit run by and for people with disabilities.   
SAU1's mission is to support the self advocacy of people with disabilities
for positive impact in our communities and in people's lives.  

SAPNA's Power Coaches are all people with disabilities who:  
Share their knowledge and own life experience,
Create and lead events by people with disabilities, for people with disabilities,
Empower people with intellectual disabilities (ID) and/or autism (A), and 
Invite supporters - family, friends, and professionals to listen and learn.   

Help us learn
Who wants to join our events, 
What people want to learn about, 
Where is the best place for people, 
When is the best time for events, and 
How people want to be part of events. 

Want to be the first to hear about free, fun, and interactive SAPNA events?   
At the end of the survey, you can choose to join our email or postal mail list. 

SAPNA values your privacy!  Your answers and information are kept private.  

Thank you!
The Self Advocates United as 1 Logo has our name and initials. It includes outlines of people in different colors, one using a wheelchair and two walking, to reflect SAU1's diversity. There is an outline of Pennsylvania and sunrise colors.
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