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Thank you for popping by to see what hosting MADEptford is all about. Below you'll find all the need-to-know details prior to applying (any extra questions to, then below that, the application form.

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What is MADEptford?
- A location set up to host craft courses, workshops and parties, with a little space for curated retail and craft supplies
- Currently a 3 month pop-up (which will be extended if this successful)
- Perfect for 8-10 workshop participants (tables and chairs provided)
- BYOB (for a corkage fee), soft drinks and snacks available for purchase for participants
- No water or drainage on site (please consider this when applying for workshops)
- Given the success of the pop-up period, an application will be submitted for MADEptford to become registered as a Social Enterprise (50% of profits contributed to supporting aligned causes such as access-to-arts, sustainability and the support of growing businesses)
- This has been set up as a shared space to help little businesses grow, not for big profits. It is collaborative and your contribution and views will be both listened to and appreciated.
What's involved with being a Host?
Given a successful application, you will have access to book 3 hour slots at MADEptford to host a workshop. We're primarily looking for arts, crafts and sustainability focussed workshops initially - and keeping an eye out for anyone who might want to facilitate after-school crafting.

- During the 3 hours slots, the table spaces will be yours to host as you wish - you will be expected to set up and tidy away during your slot.
- Initially there will be one slot every weekday evening and 4 each weekend day. Availability of slots will be accessible via a shared google document for full visibility
- For workshops (one-off craft experiences), the space will be £30 per slot to hire
- For courses (4+ regular classes with a consistent theme), the space will be £25 per slot to hire
- If you'd like MADEptford to set up and handle ticketing, this can be arranged for an additional £10
- No commission will be charged on items and supplies you bring to sell during your slot
- All fees are to be paid on booking
- No refunds for cancellations within 7 days of the class
- If you don't get any bookings, the fee can be carried over to another slot
- 2 late cancellations, where there are bookings, and you will not be asked back
- We aim to provide a joyful, positive learning experience. If there's any substantiated complaints, or your practices don't align with the expectations and standards we look to provide, then you may not be given the opportunity to book further slots.

What we'll do for you:-
- You'll be featured on the website, social media (and potentially marketing materials)
- We'll actively market your workshops, and expect you to be doing the same
- If you make things to sell, we may choose to stock your products in our retail section. Anything sold will be charged 20% commission.
- If you opt in, we'll keep you on our list of hosts open to run 'Party Workshops' for private groups, given availability (guaranteed fully booked workshops, woo!)
- You'll become part of our beautiful network of crafty hosts, supporting each other in helping others learn and building our little empires
- If it doesn't crumble by christmas, you'll be invited to the Hosts christmas party!

Although we would like to open the space to everyone, not all applications will be successful. We look to maintain a high standard of workshops from hosts with established backgrounds in their craft or those that can demonstrate a history of workshop hosting - and where possible enable a variety of workshops. If, therefore, you are unestablished, or we currently have hosts which provide sufficient coverage of your offering, then we may have to decline your application at this stage - though that does not mean forever!
Not been deterred? Apply away!
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