Business Impact Assessment
If your business has been impacted by COVID-19, please complete this form. You may also use this as a way to submit a question to the response team.

**Please feel free to submit this form multiple times with updated information and questions**

The results of this form will be shared with team members from the entities listed above, but will be kept confidential. Aggregate data may be shared with a larger audience, no personal or company details would be included. If you have any specific issues or questions with this form, call (812) 232-2391.
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How has your business been negatively impacted by COVID-19?
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Have you been forced to lay-off employees and/or reduce hours during the pandemic?
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If yes, how many employees have been impacted? (Full Time Equivalents)
If yes, what percentage have returned to work?
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Do you anticipate these lay-offs or reductions to be permanent?
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What is your estimated revenue loss due to COVID-19?
Without financial assistance, how likely is it that your business will permanently close as a result of COVID-19?
How long do you think it will take for your business to return to pre COVID-19 sales and staffing?
Are you seeking immediate information? (A team member will follow-up with you in 1 business day)
What do you anticipate your long-term needs to be?
Additional questions or concerns you would like to have addressed?
Are you in need of masks for your workers and/or customers?
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If yes, approximately how many masks will you need?
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