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We recognize that you and your students are facing unprecedented challenges this school year. Please know that the Bow Seat team is ready to support you with programming and resources that allow students to continue connecting, creating, and communicating for our blue planet.

The online nature of many of Bow Seat’s initiatives—including the Ocean Awareness Contest, Resource Studio, and Gallery—makes them readily compatible with remote learning. In response to the pandemic, we have been able to adapt our physical programming into meaningful virtual opportunities such as webinars. We have also developed new activities and prompts to help students continue their learning experiences and jumpstart their creative ideas and imagination.

Through this brief, three-minute survey, we aim to learn how we can best support you in bringing our existing programming into your physical or virtual classrooms, as well as determine new enrichment activities that can help you teach your students about environmental issues through creative communication. We appreciate you taking the time to share your ideas and feedback!
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