Transcend Warriors Survey
Join our mission and become a Transcend Warrior. Warriors are strong, determined, and brave, which are just some of the traits that diabetics have gained in their journey with T1D. Become a Transcend Warrior and share your inspiring stories with our community and in return, we will support you with free products from Transcend! The diabetic community wants to hear from you so they can relate to and reflect on experiences they are going through as well, and learn from other warriors’ stories. Please fill out hte form to become a Transcend Warrior.
First and Last Name
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Type of Diabetes
How many instances per week where you battle regulating your low blood sugar?
What do you treat your low blood sugar with now?
Do you take insulin?
How many times a day do you test your blood sugar?
How do you manage your diabetes?
Have you tried our Transcend Glucose Gels?
If you answered yes to the previous question, please tell us how Transcend Glucose Gels have helped treat your low blood sugars.
Share your story with us! ---- Tell us how you persevere and keep transcending while living with diabetes. This could be about you playing a favorite sport, activity, how you were diagnosed or an inspirational story.
Attach a photo of yourself (either with Transcend Glucose Gels or solo shot) - (attachment option .jpg or pdf) to be featured on our site!
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